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Galir M-Barros C.E.O & founder of Lemobba Studio
Galir M-Barros
C.E.O y fundadora de Lemobba Studio.

Galir M-Barros C.E.O & founder of Lemobba Studio.

Galir graduated from ESNE University (Madrid in Interior Design from) with a concentration in Interior Design and holds a Master´s Degree In Renewable Energies & Energy Market from EOI (Madrid).

With experience managing over 60 projects she decided to create her own company in 2017. Galir specializes not only in hotels and restaurants, but also private residences and retail, showing her vast experience in the world of real estate.

Her designs combine difficult materials with a sense of boldness and ample colors. Galir doesn’t believe in locking herself into any one style nor does she want to create her own line. She believes that each client, project and space are one of a kind and is able to bring to life variation in designs and styles.

Her inspiration comes from living in three different continents and four different countries. She is open minded and carefully researches local design wants and needs enabling her to deliver projects that are distinct and multicultural.

Our services

What do we do?

01 Project

Now more than ever, the image is essential to capture the attention of people and get them to repeat. Each project seeks to have its own identity, its own record, and our job consists in achieving these aspirations in order to accomplish customer satisfaction.

02 Site and Post supervision

Our added value is that we not only carry out the design, but we also undertake the execution phase, which is called "turnkey". By engaging in both phases of the project, we achieve optimal results, which are more satisfactory and related to the client's expectations.

03 Furniture Supply - FF&E

LeMoBba has a department dedicated to the purchase and installation of furniture where the project management is carried out from beginning to end. In addition, it has a wide and exclusive selection of suppliers that guarantees the best quality - price always respecting the budget and the deadlines margins.

04 Furniture Design

If there is something that defines a place, it is not only the interior design and its functionality, but also its peculiarity. Avoiding as much as possible the purchase of commercial furniture, we design unique pieces adapted to the needs of each project that provide the space with exclusivity and practicality.

05 Design and Project Consulting

Thanks to the extensive experience in Design and Execution of Work both nationally and internationally, LeMoBba offers the Project Consulting to the market.

The benefits of hiring a Project Manager avoid unnecessary cost overruns and delays by solving problems in site, the definition and detailing of the unfinished parts of the project or the adaptation of the project to its geographical situation, among others.