Hotel Winery Bungalows (leMoBba)


Hotel Winery Bungalows, Ourense - Spain

Type of space: Hotel *****
Type of work: New Construction
Rooms: 50 Bungalows
Developer - Client: Bodegas Roandi
Interior Designer: leMoBba Partners Colaboration
Photographs: Project Views

The upper plots of the vines, which are a representative element of this area and of the project itself, show continuity with the waves of the Bungalow’s roof, creating a mirror effect that gets the spectator to visually connect with the production of wine.

Classic materials such as stone and slate, which are very typical components of the local constructions, were used as the main construction element.

To provide a more updated design, we introduced avant-garde materials such as corten steel and glass.

Inside the Bungalow, the lattice simulates a vine that starts its growing in the headboard and continues ascending to the ceiling until it reaches the outside. This creates a connection between inside and outside.

The design allows you to enjoy an open space without obstacles as from the bathroom you can grasp at a glance the entire room.

The range of colors that were used reminds us to the colors of the vines; green and brown hues that blend with sun-toasted colors and indigo shades.

The concept of this Project is based on the efficiency and transparency. The broadness of perspective and the luminous advantage in the inside transmits calmness to the guest and makes the project come to life.